Tony Sheffler

Tony Sheffler

founder, classform

Tony Sheffler is a passionate entrepreneur and technologist, based in Chicago, IL.  Education became Tony’s passion once his children started preschool, but it became his purpose as he began to discover the large gap in the education system.

Throughout the span of nearly a decade, Tony was part of an enterprise business development team that generated over 300M in information technology sales a year. This extensive, hands-on expertise directly fuels his present venture in the education industry.

Today, Tony is the co-founder of classform, an education technology services and software company.  Tony is on a mission to make technology accessible to all classrooms as we empower children to tap into their limitless potential. At classform, Tony and team are building a platform that will enable schools to connect data and build information sharing communities.

By connecting a community of educators, integrators and manufactures, Tony hopes to help more schools adopt a technology-based, STEM curriculum.  What inspires him most is the idea of helping create profound change within the education system.


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